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BASED IN London, England

Monica Iofciu

QUALIFIED IN October 2017

Monica first heard about occupational therapy when she started working as a carer. She came across it again years later when she was researching potential career paths based on her experience and education. And the more she looked into what occupational therapy involves, the more she was drawn to it.

My role is very varied and has given me the opportunity to gain a greater understanding and knowledge of a very wide range of medical conditions, both mental and physical. That includes rare conditions and their treatments.

“I was initially on an accelerated occupational therapy programme and, because I have a background in social sciences and not medical sciences, I am now focused on developing my medical knowledge.”

There’s an intensive training course to start with and additional training opportunities after that. Continuing professional development is a priority. There’s plenty of support too – for example, I’m currently completing phone call assessments under the supervision of a mentor.

“After working in the busy and fast paced environment of the Emergency Department, I’m now enjoying working in the community in a social services team. I assess people in their own homes or via video call and support them to achieve their goals and become independent in their day-to-day activities.”

In all of my jobs so far, I’ve loved the interaction with different individuals. I think it’s an amazing profession not only because you can make a big difference to people’s lives – which is rewarding in itself – but also due to the diversity of areas of practice we can work in. It’s a career where we can learn every day, especially because no two days are ever the same.



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