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BASED IN Lancashire, England

Rupesh Nayee


Rupesh first became interested in the profession after talking to his wife’s best friend who was an occupational therapist. He liked the idea of helping people to do things for themselves through education and the provision of equipment.

I work in reablement, as part of Adult Social Care. It’s a short-term service designed to support people living at home to maintain or improve their independence. I work with people on rebuilding their skills and increasing their confidence, especially after a stay in hospital or a fall at home.

“Hospital care is important for medical reasons, but the start of recovery often begins at home. People are happier in an environment they are familiar with, and because of that, it’s easier for me to understand what someone is struggling with and what they really want to achieve with their goals.”

The team I work with are amazing and have really pulled together during COVID to provide much-needed services. I enjoy going out to see people as it’s especially important to stay connected in these difficult times. I carry out a lot of joint visits with social care support officers to assess people for equipment or provide information on how to carry out tasks like meal preparation.

“One case involved a lady in her 90s who was recovering from a fractured leg. She struggled to get out of bed, even with the aid of a bed lever. After assessing her, I provided a second bed lever that meant she could get out of bed on her own and, as a result, retain her independence.”

I really enjoy making a connection with someone, understanding what’s important to them and working with them to make a change. Sometimes that’s small, sometimes it’s big, but it always involves having a positive impact on people’s lives. I would say it is one of the best careers out there, especially because it covers both physical health and mental wellbeing.


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