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BASED IN Dudley, England

Rosemarie Adams


After completing a degree in Psychology and Health Studies, Rosemarie took up a role in which she supported deaf, blind and multi-sensory adults with learning disabilities. She loved empowering their independence and, when she decided to expand her skills, her twin sister introduced her to occupational therapy.

“Prior to that day, I didn’t know the profession existed. Today, I’m the Clinical Lead Occupational Therapist in an amazing specialist community stroke rehabilitation centre. I worked across a wide range of disciplines, including in hospitals, communities, wheelchair service, brain injury and learning disabilities before stepping up into a lead role​​.

I work with a dynamic, multi-disciplinary team of occupational therapists, physiotherapists, speech and language therapists, a dietitian and therapy assistant practitioners. We also work in collaboration with local psychology services and the Dudley Stroke Association.

“Together, we provide community rehabilitation for stroke survivors at various stages of their recovery. We provide this care for people in their own homes, nursing homes, residential homes, outpatient clinics and through virtual clinics. Empowering individuals at different stages of their recovery journey is extremely rewarding.”

I find neuro-rehabilitation and neuro-plasticity fascinating. Each individual’s situation and recovery is unique. This unpredictability keeps us clinicians on our toes and encourages the exploration of new advances in treatment approaches.

“I’m lucky to be able to carry out treatments in various environments and, because our team is multi-disciplinary, we’re able to provide holistic interventions that are focused on the goals of each person we help.”

I feel very privileged to be supporting individuals and their families through the trauma and adjustments needed after a stroke. Improving people’s quality of life is really rewarding, especially because I’m working in partnership with them to develop a sense of optimism that positive change is possible.


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